You have raised support to cover the expenses for all of your meals, gratuities, ground transportation, etc. In fact when you arrive we will already have local currency to give you so that you can pay for all of your meals that are not included in the hotel bill. However, you may want to bring some additional money for sightseeing and personal shopping.

In regards to carrying cash with you, we would recommend that you carry no more than $200–300 in cash (some will choose to carry much less). You will just need money for snacks and meals on travel days and souvenir/personal shopping. You know your spending habits and your bank ATM card should work if you need to withdraw additional cash; usually this also provides a very good exchange rate. You will also want to let your credit card/debit card company know in advance of your travel plans…many companies will freeze your account the minute you make a purchase out of country. This will help to avoid any frustrating situations leading to multiple phone calls, long holds, etc. from a foreign telephone. Again, most everything you need is covered in your support total—you only need to bring money for things you want and food while traveling.
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